Bugsnag updates
Bugsnag updates

More capabilities for Flutter




Following hot on the heels of Bugsnag’s initial Flutter release, we have added:

  • network breadcrumbs (docs)
  • navigation breadcrumbs (docs)
  • "native-first": support for Flutter components within existing iOS and Android apps (docs)

Click on the links above to get started, or see the changelog or our original Flutter blog post.

.NET version compatibility




Our .NET library is now officially compatible with all versions of .NET, including .NET Core, .NET 5 & 6 and .NET Framework.

Find out more in the changelog and our .NET docs.

Use Bugsnag in Apple watchOS




We’ve added watchOS to our range of supported Apple platforms (alongside iOS, macOS, tvOS).

Unhandled exceptions are automatically captured by Bugsnag, allowing you to gain actionable insights into stability, and make data-driven decisions about prioritizing and fixing the bugs that matter.

Take a look at our docs to get started.

Introducing Bugsnag support for Flutter applications




We're excited to support error monitoring and stability management for Flutter mobile applications. Now, you can automatically capture bugs impacting the user experience, gain actionable insights into stability, and make data-driven decisions about prioritizing and fixing the bugs that matter.

The new Flutter notifier library initially supports Android and iOS apps.

Check out our blog to learn more and get started by reading our docs.

Better stack traces for Unity




The latest version of our Unity library uses a new mechanism for detecting C# exceptions, giving more informative stack traces and now including inner exceptions.

This release has a major version bump release as it has an impact on grouping for some errors. Please see the upgrade guide for more details.

Get stability insights into your PHP feature flags and experiments




PHP developers can now join those from platforms in making data-driven decisions about new feature rollouts and gaining confidence in accelerating releases with actionable observability insights from the Features Dashboard.

Learn more about the Features Dashboard in our blog. To get started, see our docs for Laravel, Lumen, Symfony and other PHP.

Improved stack traces for iOS




We’ve released a minor improvement to stack traces in iOS. If a stack frame comes from a function in an embedded framework, we now show the name of that framework. Previously we showed the name of the containing app.

Use Teams to streamline access management




We've launched support for Teams to help you streamline the management of project access within your Bugsnag organization.

Organization Administrators can create teams and assign collaborators to them, and then grant project access to both teams and individual collaborators.

Soon we'll be rolling out support for automatic provisioning of teams from your single sign-on (SSO) provider via SCIM.

Visit your Bugsnag settings to get started.

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 14.45.26.png

Introducing user impact threshold filtering to make alerts more actionable




When configuring frequently occurring error notifications, you can now filter them by user impact thresholds so that you only get alerted when an error impacts a certain number of users in a timeframe, such as 100 users in an hour.

User thresholds filters are available to configure notifications for email, Slack, and other team chat integrations. They can also be applied to automatic issue creation rules for Jira and other issue trackers.

Unity Windows and WebGL improvements & EDM4U support




We’ve released more updates to our Unity notifier.

C# events and exceptions raised while the device is disconnected from the internet are now persisted until connection is restored.

Similarly, when running on Windows or WebGL, events and sessions will persist until a connection is available and the device ID will persist between game launches.

Our packages also now support External Dependency Manager for Unity (EDM4U).

Find out more in the changelog (releases 6.2.0 and 6.3.0) and upgrade your notifier to gain access to these updates.